Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson will likely meet with the United States President, Joe Biden later this month for talks in attempt on revive frayed relationship, sources on both sides have cited.

According The Times Newspaper exclusive report, Johnson is expected to hold the bilateral talks with Biden during a four-day trip to the U.S. for the 76th United Nations General Assembly meeting, which starts in New York on Sept. 21 and will last until 27th.

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A senior diplomatic source told the newspaper that the meeting was expected to take place at the White House but this had not been “100 percent confirmed,” UK media reported.

Sources further told The Times that Biden will use the opportunity during talks with Johnson to get the prime minister to support the US, which sees “China as the great strategic challenge of the 21st century” despite the “suspicion in Washington that Johnson doesn’t want to be too tough on Beijing.”

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One senior diplomatic source told the newspaper that if London wants to have an influence on issues like Russia, China and climate change, it will not be able to do so alone.

China and the U.S, both world’s biggest economies, last week held talks that aimed at de-escalating tension that could spill over to uncontainable conflict.

It was more of issues of cooperating in areas where they converge and stay their course on those they diverge.

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