Imprisoned Kremlin critic, Alexei Navalny was informed in jail Monday that Russia has opened up three new criminal investigations against, a post on his Instagram page Tuesday morning disclosed.

“I’m becoming a more hardened criminal every day,” he joked in the post.

“So don’t think I’m only sitting in a cell, drinking tea and doing nothing.”

He said he was told by an investigator who visited him in custody on Monday.

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According to him, the investigations will be focused on alleged theft of donations from his anti-corruption foundation FBK, the founding an organization, in violation of human rights, and insulting a judge.

The Russian Investigative Committee said earlier it had opened cases involving FBK and human rights violations against Navalny and his allies.

In February, a prosecutor asked the court to compel the Investigative Committee to check if Navalny’s statements during one of his trials could qualify as being insulting towards the judge.

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Last month, his regional campaign groups were included in the terrorism and extremism list.

Navalny came to prominence with an anti-corruption campaign of caustic videos cataloguing the wealth of senior officials he labelled “swindlers and thieves”.

He was sentenced to jail for a two and half year term earlier in February after initial months of being detained without any prior court verdict over corruption allegations he called trumped-up and politically motivated.

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