Man, who landed a slap on the face of French President two days ago has been charged to court in a fast-track trial on Thursday.

President Emmanuel Macron was struck on Tuesday while within a crowd during a tour of Southern France.

The perpetrator was not immediately exposed at the time of the incident but was nabbed later that same day and put in custody.

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He has been identified as a 28-year-old medieval history enthusiast by the name Damien Tarel.

He faces trial before a magistrate in the southern town of Valence for assaulting a public figure.

Tarel had acknowledged striking Macron while the president was on a visit to a professional training college, but told investigators that he acted “without thinking”, local prosecutor Alex Perrin said in a statement.

The accused also revealed during interrogation that he had been close to the anti-government “yellow vest” protest movement which shook the Macron presidency and held ultra-right-wing political beliefs.

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The statement also quoted Tarel saying that he sympathized with the “yellow vest”

“He contends that he acted instinctively and ‘without thinking’ to express his annoyance,” a statement from the local prosecutor’s office said late on Wednesday.

With the charges, Tarel faces a maximum three-year jail sentence and a fine of 45,000 euros ($55,000), although the court will take into account the defendant’s clean criminal record and any expression of remorse.

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The attack on the president on Tuesday stunned the country and Macron later described it as an isolated incident, noting that violence and hate were a threat to democracy.

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