As part of efforts to unravel the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization team of experts has visited a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, widely speculated to be the source of the virus.

The team inspected the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in the central Chinese city where the virus was first detected.

Speaking on the visit, one of the experts, Peter Daszak said the team was “looking forward to a very productive day and to asking all the questions that we know need to be asked.”

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However, top WHO officials have given indications that they may not be able to unravel the mystery on how the virus moved from animals to human on this short trip.

Speaking with AFP, WHO team member Hung Nguyen-Viet said, “It is very unlikely that (on) such a short mission, (we) would have a very advanced understanding or definite answers.”

Recall that the former President of the United States, Donald Trump and some top officials insisted that the virus leaked from the high-security lab in Wuhan despite not having any evidence to back up their claims.

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The team earlier met with staff of the Wuhan hospital that treated the first confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The experts arrived at the Jinyintan Hospital, the first hospital to accept diagnosed COVID-19 patients in late 2019, when the virus emerged in the central Chinese city.


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