President of the United States, Joe Biden will be speaking at the 76th United Nations’ General Assembly Debate next week, making it the first time he would be doing so since he assumed the office of the president.

Republican Donald Trump, Biden’s predecessor, was a harsh critic of the United Nations and advocated the U.S. isolation from others. But Biden has been a far shift from many of Trump’s policies as well as ideologies.

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The Democrat has relied increasingly on multilateralism and working together with other countries.

Biden has been announced to be one of the 80 leaders across the world to address the UN assembly in New York next week, according to the White House statement on Monday.

The White House said that Biden would travel to New York on Tuesday next week.

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The general meeting will hold for four days starting from September 21 till 27.

This year’s Assembly comes in contrast to 2020, when it was largely conducted in a virtual format.

The Coronavirus pandemic, including the issue of vaccinations, and climate change are among the key topics expected to top the agenda of the assembly.

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