After removing a video in which President Trump praised a violent group of his supporters who broke into the U.S. Capitol building, Facebook is rolling out a new set of rules in response to the day’s shocking events.

Both Facebook and Instagram also announced that the president would be locked out of posting to his accounts for 24 hours, escalating the consequences for his role in sowing Wednesday’s violent chaos considerably.

Facebook says that the group of people who rushed into the Capitol Wednesday now fall under the company’s policies on “dangerous individuals and organizations” — a designation it uses to enforce rules against terrorists, mass murderers and violent hate groups. Last June, the company added the anti-government “boogaloo” movement, which encourages its adherents to take up arms and prepare for or incite a civil war, to the same list.

“The violent protests in the Capitol today are a disgrace,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Facebook and Instagram have both begun blocking content posted to the #StormTheCapitol hashtag. Facebook says that it is in the process of removing any content praising the Trump supporters who infiltrated the U.S. Capitol as well as any other “incitement or encouragement” of Wednesday’s events, including photos and videos from the individuals’ perspectives.

“At this point they represent promotion of criminal activity which violates our policies,” Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen and VP of Global Policy Management Monika Bickert wrote in a blog post. Rosen and Bickert called Wednesday’s events an “emergency” for the platform:

“Let us speak for the leadership team in saying what so many of us are feeling. We are appalled by the violence at the Capitol today. We are treating these events as an emergency. Our Elections Operations Center has already been active in anticipation of the Georgia elections and the vote by Congress to certify the election, and we are monitoring activity on our platform in real time.”

The organization will likewise get serious about anybody coordinating any sort of dissent that abuses Washington D.C’s. recently executed check in time, even quiet social affairs. Any “endeavors to restage savagery” will likewise be eliminated.

Facebook says that it is additionally scouring the stage for any presents calling for individuals on carry weapons to an area “in Washington as well as anyplace in the US — including fights.”

Facebook likewise made a couple of changes to “crisis measures” it set up for the U.S. political decision, including requiring extra administrator survey for bunch posts and auto-impairing remarks on gathering posts that draw in a “high rate” of scorn discourse or consolation of savagery.

Facebook’s blog entry additionally specifies past crackdowns on civilian armies, the Proud Boys and the “brutality prompting” QAnon scheme. Each gathering associated and became on Facebook before in the end at last being booted from the stage and every one of the three had a presence at Wednesday’s savage endeavor to oust the U.S. political race results.

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