Color of Change, the nonprofit civil rights advocacy group, along with a growing number of other organizations, called for social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to remove President Donald Trump from their platforms, following a chaotic day of protests and rioting that led a mob of pro-Trump supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol and prompted a lockdown and an evacuation of lawmakers.

Color of Change and other activist organizations have said that major tech and financial service companies are complicit in the insurrection in Washington, D.C. and called for social media to take action. Twitter has locked the president of the United States’ Twitter account and forced the removal of three offending tweets, but the social media platform has not removed him from the platform altogether. The lock of the Twitter account will last for at least 12 hours.

Color of Change President Rashad Robinson tweeted Wednesday “Enough is enough. It’s time for Facebook and Twitter to kick Trump off their platforms. We’ve been in contact with @Facebook and @Twitter leadership about this but we need your help.”

The association additionally dispatched a request that individuals can use to make an immediate appeal to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The request peruses:

Dear CEO Jack Dorsey,

Donald Trump has generally abused your terms of administration without any potential repercussions and now, because of his advancement and assistance of the present turmoil, insurrectionists have raged our Senate building leaving Senators, staff members, and building workers dreading for their lives. Trump’s tweets have jeopardized the lives of millions of Americans, from his tirades applauding racial oppressors to now supporting for the National Guard to utilize destructive power against Americans who are challenging police killings. There is no reason for permitting this perilous client to abuse your foundation It’s an ideal opportunity to #KickTrumpOffTwitter.

Various other dissident associations, business gatherings and tech pioneers have utilized web-based media to denounce the occasions Wednesday. Responsible Tech, a morals association, tweeted Wednesday that the vicious attack has been grievous, however not anticipated. “Unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook’s readiness and reaction has been uncontrollably insufficient. Just marking inductions of savagery isn’t sufficient.”

Different associations, for example, the U.S. Travel Association, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and Business Round Table offered their own judgments of the occasions, yet didn’t straightforwardly condemn web-based media for its contribution.

Business Roundtable, whose individuals are CEOs of major United States partnerships, zeroed in endeavors on Trump and required a finish to the turmoil and a tranquil progress of intensity. Others, for example, the National Association of Manufacturers utilized more grounded language, noticing that the nonconformists supporting Trump was a demonstration of “subversion” and “anarchy” and encouraged Vice President Mike Pence to “truly consider” conjuring the 25th amendment.

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