Twitch will start holding its streamers to a higher standard. The company just expanded its hate and harassment policy, specifying more kinds of bad behavior that break its rules and could result in a ban from the streaming service.

The news comes as Twitch continues to grapple with reports of abusive behavior and sexual harassment, both on the platform and within the company itself. In December, Twitch released an updated set of rules designed to take harassment and abuse more seriously, admitting that women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community were impacted by a “disproportionate” amount of that toxic behavior on the platform.

Twitch’s policies now include serious offenses that could pose a safety threat, even when they happen entirely away from the streaming service. Those threats include violent extremism, terrorism, threats of mass violence, sexual assault and ties to known hate groups.

The company will also continue to evaluate off-platform behavior in cases that happen on Twitch, like an on-stream situation that leads to harassment on Twitter or Facebook.

“While this policy is new, we have taken action historically against serious, clear misconduct that took place off service, but until now, we didn’t have an approach that scaled,” the company wrote in a blog post, adding that investigating off-platform behavior requires additional resources to address the complexity inherent in those cases.

To handle reports for its broadened rules, Twitch created a dedicated email address ( to handle reports about off-service behavior. The company says it has partnered with a third-party investigative law firm to vet the reports it receives.

Jerk refers to its activities against previous President Donald Trump as the most prominent occurrence of off-stage conduct bringing about authorization. The organization incapacitated Trump’s record following the assault on the U.S. Legislative hall and later suspended him uncertainly, refering to fears that he could utilize the support of instigate viciousness.

It’s difficult to have a more prominent than the president, yet Trump isn’t the solitary big time restricted Twitch client. Last June, Twitch dismissed perhaps the greatest decoration from the stage without giving a clarification to the choice.

Going on a year later, nobody appears to know why Dr. Lack of respect got the boot from Twitch, however the organization’s demand that it just demonstrations in cases with a “dominance of proof” proposes his infringement were not kidding and all around validated.

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