In the past 5 years, social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg has constantly gone on to defend his company before Congress and why it shouldn’t be broken down into separate parts because of the extent of power that the corporation wielded as a monopoly.

Over the years, the power that social media companies and other tech corporations have over people from all over the world is a serious concern for governments and it should be yours too.

  1. Facebook

Facebook violates your privacy, you across all its apps and websites. It even tracks you when you log off Facebook. Its app requires almost every permission there is. It wants access to your contacts, call logs, and text messages, camera and microphone, internal storage, Wi-Fi, location.

In essence, the app wants full control of your device and claims it’s necessary for the app’s functionality. It knows when you log in and how long you spend on the platform. It tracks where you go, what you buy, what you browse.

2. Facebook Messenger 

Just like every other Facebook app, Messenger also tracks your device even when you’re not logged in and they use it for ad targeting among other shady uses.

3. Instagram

Instagram just like Facebook also violates your privacy restrictions and without giving access ou will not be able to use your app.

4. Whatsapp

Recently, Whatsapp bore the brunt of people’s anger after their recent privacy update which gave them unbridled access to people’s private life. Indians took to the streets to protest against the social media giant.

5. Weather Apps

Weather apps also violate your privacy restriction because they request access to your home address and location before you can use the app.

6. Audio Recorders

Unknown to many people, when audio recorders ask you for access to your microphone, they also want to record the conversations that you want to keep private.



Whenever an app requests permission to access your location, camera or microphone, they’re definitely violating your privacy restrictions even without your knowledge and when you stop using the app, because they need data to present to advertisers as evidence and to make more money.

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