Salihu Moh. Lukman, the Director-General of the Progressive Governors’ Forum (PGF), on Wednesday sought to strengthen the bureaucracy of the All Progressives Congress (APC) through the immediate audit of the national secretariat of the ruling party.

As contained in the statement, Lukman said Nigeria needs to learn how the American political institutions rose above the foibles of partisanship and ensured that the country’s President, Donald Trump was not allowed to subvert the democratic process.

Drawing from the above, he said there was a need for Nigeria to build her institutions too.

To this end, the PGF DG suggested an audit of the APC’s secretariat which will strengthen bureaucracy for national development.

“There is the need to undertake an audit of what currently exists as the party’s Secretariat, its functions and personnel.

“For instance, how is it structured to provide services to the APC as provided by the constitution of the party? Are there supportive rules provided for the operations of the party bureaucracy? How effective has the application of those rules be? What is required to strengthen the rules guiding the discharge of functions of the Secretariat?

“How are the personnel of the Secretariat recruited? Are there standard recruitment guidelines, highlighting qualification requirements? How can the process be strengthened? “The third issue is the question of funding. How is the work of the Secretariat funded? Once funding is not guaranteed, it will affect the quality of personnel and also the proposals and recommendations which they make”, Lukman concluded.

The APC chief noted that these questions are much easier to ask than to put into action. However, he brought to mind that the role of political parties in producing leaders is important.

“The fact that as members of APC we can raise these issues present some advantages for the party. As far as PDP is concerned these are issues that are foreclosed. As a party, PDP has over the years lived in complete denial of all its internal organisational challenges.

“Therefore, the issue of building the PDP as a strong institution is limited to winning elections, as far as PDP leaders and members are concerned. If anything, the lived experiences of PDP confirms that winning elections is not the same as strengthening the party. Even with weaker parties, elections can be won”, he added.

“As Nigerians, we must wake up to the reality that there cannot be a strong democracy without strong political parties. Once our political leaders are unable to orient themselves to respect and recognise proposals from the party’s bureaucracy, they will be weak in respecting, recognising or working with proposals from government bureaucracies when elected to office. There is no shortcut to these issues!”, Lukman said.

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