The Anambra Concerned Citizens group has demanded that the Uche Secodnus-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) rewards party members that have always stood by the party even in its toughest.

The group gave this charge in Abuja on Wednesday ahead of the state governorship election to hold on November 6.

The Chairman, Paul Okeke noted that it is pertinent that the party’s leadership places loyal and consistent members above others particularly, those vying for the party’s governorship ticket, whom he said are only there to seek what they can gain from the party.

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He stressed that it would be unfair for some members, who have been jumping from one party to the other to have the same treatment with loyal members, who refused to move even in difficult times, adding that they should be given preferential treatment to boost their morale and foster a sense of belonging among them.

“PDP is known to be a party for everybody, but not a party for disloyal or inconsistent members.

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“The party is also known to reward consistent members and this gesture should be demonstrated now that Anambra election is at hand.

“By this action, members will see the party as a serious party, that knows the value of members, who are loyal and consistent,” Anambra Concerned Citizens said.

The group reiterated that the party leadership should allow for a fair playing ground in the forthcoming primaries, adding that the credentials of the people coming onboard to contest should be of high quality to ensure the aprty wins the election.

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It also advised that zoning should be put into consideration, as only Anambra South is yet to produce a governor.

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