10 Funny Reactions Of Students To Tough Questions In Class

  1. The hand-raisers association: These are the students that act like they know all in class to avoid the teacher’s attention, they join in raising hands when a question is being thrown at the class in order to avoid not having the teacher suspect they do not know the answer to the question asked.
  1. The absent-minded: These are the ones that do not pay attention in class, their mind is elsewhere and they get lost when called to solve the solution to a question.
  1. The frequent toilet users: These are the type of student that tries to run away when a question is being asked, they always asked for permission to visit the toilet in order not to be present when questions are asked.

      4.The Latecomers: These are the ones that avoid coming early to class in order to miss the early morning mathematics drill.

  1. The Timid: These are the ones that give the teacher excuses like, “he already said what I wanted to say.” They always would tell you their answers have already been said by somebody.
  1. The  Clinic-ers: These ones always fall sick when a question is asked in class, they are always like “aunty I’m not feeling fine.” They always pray to be sent to the sickbay for some time to avoid answering questions in class.
  1. The “not too sure” ones: These ones will first say something like “I’m not sure but I think…” so that by the time they say rubbish, they will be pardoned because they already said they are not sure.
  1. The “No idea” gang: These ones always feel like the chairmen and women of the class meanwhile they are the biggest olodos. When asked questions, they will gallantly reply with “no idea ma/sir.” God help them if the teacher teaching them is somebody that has ‘touch.’ Dem go hear am.
  1. Eye contact avoiders gang: These ones always try to dodge seeing the teacher’s eyes. They always stylishly hide their faces so the teacher doesn’t call them to respond to questions.
  1. The calm students association: They are the ones that don’t rush when questions are asked because they know the questions. They always keep calm and act like they don’t know so the teacher can call them and they can feel like deputy Jesus when they answer it.

Written by Kolesola Bayode


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