The India’s Narcotic Control Bureau has confirmed the arrest of a suspected Nigerian drug lord, Tiger Mustafa at Anjuna in North Goa.

It was gathered that the suspect  was arrested on Sunday night, May 2, by a joint team of NCB and Anjuna police department in India .  However, it was metioned that the suspect had managed to flee during a narcotics raid that was staged on April 30.

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A senior NCB official said that the accused was on the run since a café at Arambol beach in North Goa was raided and various drugs seized.

Tiger Mustafa was arrested from Anjuna on Sunday by a joint team of local police and NCB,” a senior NCB official said.

The NCB also arrested one Cajitan Fernandes who was housing the suspect since he went at large when the firsy raid was conducted.

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NCB official said that during the raid, 58 grams of Amphetamine, 15 blots of LSD, Cocaine, Mephedrone, Heroin, Ecstacy, MDMA was seized.

This drug syndicate was being operated by one suspect, Mustafa alias Tiger, a Nigerian national. Further, the caretaker of Negi Cafe, Ranbir Singh has been placed under arrest. NCB Goa has summoned the shack owner for further iinvestigation.” said Sameer Wankhede, Zonal director, NCB.

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