Tunde Ednut is a popular Nigerian blogger known especially for his bluntness and perhaps, overbearing personality, which has certainly attracted him a lot of enemies in the Entertainment industry and the country at large.

Instagram had only a few hours ago, blocked him ut of the platform today, Wednesday, January 13 for a second time. The musician turned blogger’s first verified Instagram account (@tundeednut) of over 2 million followings was deleted on December 22, 2020.

According to the authorities of the platform, the account was reported multiple times for spamming and use of hate speech, bullying and abuse, which all violate the term and condition of the community.

We’ve removed tundeednut’s account because it goes against our Community Guidelines. Thank you for reporting this account. We’ve removed it from Instagram because it goes against our Community Guidelines. Reports like yours are an important part of making Instagram a safe and welcoming place for everyone,” Instagram announced.

Quite a large number of people rejoiced over it, saying Ednut had it coming.

However, the ‘unrepentant’ celebrity boosted of returning to the platform soonest, making claims that his “enemies” were at work.

He wrote on his Twitter page; “Do not betray someone who has always trusted and done good to you. It didn’t end there, I will definitely be back. 😔 What happened is so sad, but I’m hopeful for the best outcome. If you’re reading this, may all bad energy Zoom away from you. People want to laugh at my downfall but baba GODeh dey my back.”

He lived up to his boost and in a few days rejoined the Instagram with another handle (@kingtundeednut) on January 10. But surprisingly, the new account was suspended again only three days after it was opened.


Here a list of reasons, infuriating things he has done and people offended that may have placed him in this condition.

1. It is an open secret that all is not well at all between popular controversial relationship expert, Adejoro Olumofin aka Joro and Ednut. Six months ago, Ednut made a mockery of the Joro’s relationship business in a post. He suggested that most of the emails that Olumofin shares on his page are mostly stories he makes up all by himself in a bid to deceive the public and draw traffic to his page. This caused blood bad between the two as the other slammed back and threatened to dig up dirt on Ednut if he refuses to back off him.

It became a brawl as many other celebrities picked sides and joined in the beef.

2. Ednut also entered the black book of Speed Darlington, a sensational American-based Nigerian Artiste and rapper. The drama started when Ednut shared videos claiming credit for Darlington’s rise to fame.  He called Speedy an ingrate who does not appreciate people’s efforts for building his music career. Speed Darlington, in response, threatened to go fetish and use local voodoo on Ednut.

If I carry N20, 000 go give one Babalawo now and they tie your future, the next thing, is that they will deport you,” he had said.

3. From the Joro and Darlington fight, Bobrisky joined in the battle as a supporter of the accused. At different times, he blasted Ednut for his excessiveness. At one time, the crossdresser revealed that he has begun legal proceedings to indict Ednut for psychological damage done to Joro through cyber-bullying.

4. Ednut definitely lives in the bottomless part of Tacha’s heart, BBN reality star and her fans. Ednut has long been vocal about his dislike for the reality star. At different times, he insulted Tacha, calling her dumb, idiot and a liar.

5. Drawing from the Tacha unending fight, Mr Jollof vowed to beat up Ednut for insulting the diva.

6. Not entirely confrontational and directly, Tunde Ednut has on several occasions, trolled Afro-beat legend, Wizkid. It is known to all and sundry that he does like the artiste, who is the main challenger of Davido, his favourite in the music industry.

7. Former Big Brother Housemate, Elosonam confirmed on live TV that he does not like Tunde Ednut because he does too much. He even blocked him on Instagram.

8. Ednut once blocked Nigerian music producer Samuel Oguachuba popularly known as Samklef on Instagram because according to him, he is a threat. He said Samklef has been trying to venture into the business of blogging.

9. There was beef between pop-star, Peter Okoye and Ednut after the latter called the musician a liar for backing out of a promise to give Tacha money after leaving the Big Brother House. He also questioned the singer’s association with the reality star.

10. The latest of his ‘hive of enemies’ is a popular skit maker and comedian, Macaroni. Macaroni was instrumental to Ednut’s large following of 1 million people after opening his second account. The comedian had helped his fellow celebrity to invite people to follow Ednut. But after Macroni shared a video, advising Ednut to take caution and stop getting involved in all matters, the blogger immediately blocked the comedian.

Well, now you have a glimpse of Tunde Ednut’s source of his current predicament. What advise can you possibly give him knowing fully well that a comeback, at this point, will prove difficult.


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