Nigerians are truly a jolly set of people you’d ever come across and you cannot afford to miss out on the little things that serve as excitement and fun for them.

While English may serve as our Lingua Franca, it sure has no hold on us whatsoever. Even the English have become forced to acknowledge our own unique part of the language, how much you who really need it considering the chokiness of our government ills.


Here a few slangs every Nigerian living in Nigeria can grab in split seconds even without any translation.

1. Japa: It can also be called J.P


2. Soro Soke: Soro Soke originated from the #EndSARS protests. It means ‘speak louder’. It’s even sweeter adding “weyrey”

3. Wahala… This slang is multi-dimensional because you can always add anything as you so wish. Wahala no dey finish; Wahala for who no get bone straight hair; Wahala get ‘koko’ shoe.

4. See Gobe: It means trouble. It comes like an exclamation

5. Problem no dey finish

6. Mad oh: It is usually an exclamation.

7. E shock you: Are you surprised?


8. Sinzu money: Used to hails someone considered as a lavish spender.


9. Oshaprapra: It could also be said as “Oshaproper” It means it is good/very fine


10. Everywhere stew:


11. Aza: It means ‘account number’. Send your aza.

12. Gbe body e


13. Ji maa sun: It means Be at alert, smart, no dey dull.


14. Hustle… This could be used in several ways. Hustle Go Pay;


15. Las Las…we go dey alright

16. Life no balance


17. E go be


18. You fall my hand

19. E be things


20. Weyrey dey disguise


21. Kolo: It means to call someone crazy.

22. Be calming down

23. O di woro si woro: It means no remedy.

24. Osheyyy…

25. Ko Po Ke

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