Asides from the dramas, the Big Brother Naija show is a highly anticipated reality programme for dance groove. I mean hardly do we miss the Friday Night parties; this isn’t just because we love to see the faces of the contestants but we too love good parties. And what’s a good party without good music?

2020 lockdown was a banger owing to this singular fact and 2021 season shouldn’t be short of this.

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Here are a few Disc Jockeys we hope to see in this year’s BBN show

1. DJ Kaywise: With his remarkable disc jockeying skills, organisers of the BBN show will do us so much bad if Kaywise isn’t featured in this season.

2. DJ Switch: Becoming quite popular after the EndSARS protests, this DJ is one of the most respected in the industry presently and definitely knows her onions.

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3. DJ Neptune: His precedents speak for him. From Nigeria Best DJ awards to world Best DJ award. We can’t ignore this.

4. DJ Consequence: Unarguably one of the best disc jockeys from this part of the world, DJ Consequence always comes to any party prepared. We saw him last year, he didn’t disappoint and we still want him.

5. DJ Spinall: This full-pledged Yoruba boy has got numerous world and national wards as well as endorsements owing to his awesome skills in disc jockeying and mixing.

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6. DJ Sose: Presently a co-judge in the Nigerian Idol singing contest, DJ has been known recently to be spectacular in this industry.

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