Top 12 Apps You Cannot Do Without As A Nigerian

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If you’re a Nigerian, who lives in Nigeria, then you have to depend on one application or the other to survive amidst the daily turbulence we all have to face. In the 21st century Nigeria, if you do not make use of at least seven out of the following twelve applications, then you probably do now own a smartphone.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger: According to Google Play Store, this is the highest-ranking application in the country, and is also the most popular instant messaging service. It’s one of the most affordable and comfortable ways to communicate with other people.
  1. Facebook: This one billion-plus social media application equally remains one of the most popular apps in Nigeria, especially among baby bloomers who use it to network with their family and friends.
  1. Instagram: This location-based application is particularly popular among the Baby Bloomers & Generation Z, and is also one of the most downloaded apps in the country at the moment.
  1. Twitter: Over the years, Twitter has grown into a social network for people to air out their opinion on issues mostly, but reasonably and unreasonably and has become quite popular in recent years.
  1. Snapchat: This comes right after Instagram on the most downloaded application list, and is very popular among young Nigerian ladies who are obsessed with the photo filters.
  1. Xender: Xender is the most popular file-sharing app in Nigeria, and is widely used by everyone, including rival Android and iPhone users.
  1. Gmail: Google’s email service is equally an app that lots of Nigerians cannot do without. Especially since a sizeable majority of the citizenry adopt the Gmail service as their personal and business email addresses.
  1. Opera mini: is by far the most downloaded web browser in Nigeria, and accounts for a sizeable majority of the browser searches that come from the country.
  1. Youtube: Is the world’s biggest video catalogue, and needless to say also Nigeria’s. It is equally one of the most popular apps in the country, and the go-to resource for all kinds of video.
  1. Picsart: This app makes it into the list as it is the most widely used picture editing app in the country. It is easily accessible and can be found on almost every Android or Apple device in the country.
  1. Microsoft Office: is an equally widely used app and one of the fastest ways to create documents on your smartphones. Most Nigerians love to write on the go, and this application is just perfect for the occasion.
  1. Uber/Bolt: both ride-hailing apps come in last on the list because they’re mostly used in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and only a handful of cities in the country. But the traffic they garner from Lagos alone is beautiful and helps them to make it on.

Written by Adeyinka Taiwo


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