Some things that seem very normal while we were kids would normally become very annoying as we get older. As humans, we tend to pay attention to some things and by default, get annoyed by them. Some of these things are:

  • Lies & Liars

Growing up, it was the surest way to escape being scolded and beaten, but now, it’s annoying to tell lies because nobody will beat you as an adult. It is unnecessary.

  • Slow & Lazy people
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It can be very frustrating, why would you be acting like there’s no blood in your body.

  • Living with your parent

Growing up, you are just there receiving everything free. but as you become an adult, staying with them becomes a pain in the ass.

  • Tasteless food

Especially when you spent your last urgent 2k on the food, the unwavering anger you get

  • Unnecessary Noise
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It’s only normal to want more peace and quiet as you get older. Some unnecessary noise would get you so angry

  • Kids

Kids can be very cute and amazing, but they come with a huge load of trouble. From annoying basic questions to scattering things you keep. Its entirely something else

  • Work

Oh! This can be great sometimes (if your work is fun) but the process of getting to work is just annoying. If only money would just be appearing without having to work

  • Numerous Phonecalls
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What happened? Did I take your kidney? Did I steal your babe? Text messages were created for a purpose


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