These 15 Songs “Sex Playlist” Would Take Your Partner To Hot Climax. See List

With the right mood in place, Sexual urges in place, the right location all in place, you are still not sure to have the best sexual experience if you don’t have the best sex playlist to go with the moment.

A good sex song will always help you keep the mood in check while having your sexual pleasures. Be it dirty and down songs or calm and cool songs, the right playlist is definitely the finishing touch you need for your sex game. Some of these songs are:

1. Thinking About You by Frank Ocean –
Frank Ocean falsetto on this song is well enough to help you go with the flow. It was released in 2012 and is a contemporary R&B song.

2. Love on the Brain By Rihanna –
Love on the brain is yet another song that should be on your playlist. It was released in 2016 and a pop song as well.

3. The Take by Tori Lanez ft Chris Brown: Tori Lanez featured Chris Brown is a song that topped the chat because of its lyrics. Definitely entering our playlist. It was released in 2019.

4. Pussy Fairy by Jhene Aiko
The sensational Jhene Aiko released Pussy Fairy in 2020 and is a typical R&B and Soul music. It was easily regarded as a perfect song for the playlist

5. Tonight by John Legend:
John Legend’s Tonight that’s straight off the popular movie “Think Like A Man”. Easily a very appealing song to fit the playlist.

6. Dirty by Tank
This R&B and Soul type of song released in 2019 by Tank is yet another song that should be on the sex playlist because of its suiting tone and lyrics.

7. Fucking With Me By Tank
This song is off Tank’s album Sex, Love and Pain. It’s a depiction of the album title and should also fit into your playlist. It was released on 2016

8. Focus by H.E.R
H.E.R’s Focus R&B song is so soothing because of its calm delivery. It was released in 2016 and was off her self-entitled album. It fits our playlist

9. Sex Playlist By VEDO
As the name depicts, this is the right song for your sex playlist, it’s calm delivery and lyrics makes it perfect to be on our playlist.

10. Me U & Henessy By DejLoaf:
DejLoaf’s featured Lil Wayne on this track that was released in 2015. It really is one of the amazing songs from Dejloaf. it also made it’s way to our playlist as one of the perfect songs to have.

11. PillowTalk By ZAYN
Zayn took the People’s choice award for Favorite song with PillowTalk. Its lovable and soothing to be on our playlist as well.

12. Earned it by The Weeknd
Earned it featured in the famous movie “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. Definitely a song that should make it up your sex playlist.

13. Hills by The Weeknd
The weeknd never misses with the best songs that sooths every mood. Hills was released in 2015 and in no doubt, fits the sex playlist

14. Birthday Sex by Jeremih
Birthday sex was released far back in 2009 and still one relevant song on the sex playlist. Jeremih’s voice and style of music makes this an interesting R&B song.

15. Often by the Weeknd
We would wrap up the playlist with the best in the game, often by the Weeknd. It was released in 2015 and a typical R&B and soul music.

Written by Eze Goodluck


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