If you are hungry for some amazing sexual exploration with your partner. Look no further this article would help you.

Studies have revealed that there are some uncovered properties in some food and fruits that have stimulating effects and bloom sexual function.

Though there are several factors to consider when using food for sexual activities, there are different types of food used depending on the type of sexual activity or foreplay.

The use of oily and sugary food during sex should be used only around the upper region, that is above the belt level. This is because oil can break latex condoms. Oil can also trap bacteria and can irritate the skin.

While sugary food encourages yeast growth and infection like Urinary Tract Infection, Yeast Infection and bacteria around moist areas.

Some of these foods may get stuck if you use them for your sexual activity wrongly. Whatever food you chose to use for sex play requires care. It must be clean, smooth and have no sharp sides. You can also try to use lubrication oil to make it pass smoothly.

However, food in the anus has to be non slip, grip firmly and safe for removal. Hence. avoid food that your partner might also react to.

Against this backdrop, if you are looking forward to setting you and your partner in the mood for some hot and sweet time, here is a list of food to use for foreplay and sex to heighten sexual tension.
They are;

Beautiful strawberries

1. Strawbery
This perfectly red heart-shaped fruit is not just healthy and packed with vitamins. You can eat it while having the fore lay


Put about 5 pieces of strawberry
line them up on her back on a straight line
now, slowly from below lick her back
slowly eat up the strawberries line by line.
Till she begs for more.

2. Ice Cubes
Ice cubes have a strong cooling and tingling effect. Make her moan loud and louder.

for her nipples

Get a bowl of ice from your fridge.
Make are lie-flat facing you on the bed
Now take one cube  and play with are nipples
Glide the ice over her nipple slowly in a circular motion

For her clitoris

take a piece of ice block
Now place it above her navel
Now suck the ice on her belly down to her clitoris
make sure to centre on her down there, go up and down

For your balls

make her suck your balls with ice in her mouth. Let her nibble your balls with the ice till you beg her to swallow your penis down your throat.

3. Oil

This has a relieving effect. Pour the oil over your partner’s body and massage her.

Try to massage your partner from head to toe with oil. This would make her beg for sex.

Try using any massage oil

4. Ice Cream
Ice cream is not only sweet and inviting, but when it comes to sex, it is quite very sexy.

Dip your fingers into the cup of ice cream and make her lick them slowly.

You can also pour a bit on your partner and lick slowly.

5. Whipped Cream

Just like ice cream, whip cream is also exciting. Just follow the tips for ice cream above.

6. Cucumber
Cucumbers are not just good fruits. They also help spice the sex.

Wash the cucumber neatly and rub lube on them, then insert.

7. Banana
This help spice for play. It can work for several activities like kissing and anal.

For kissing you have to remove the peels and eat the banana slowly, then kiss your partner better still you can suck them.

While you can insert a neatly washed banana with the peel still on.

8. Syrup

Syrups help set up the sexual mode. When poured on the body.

Run your tongue on your partner’s body after pouring  a little amount of  warm syrup on them


9. Honey
Honey can help spike the mood while having sex. it is sweet and fun to use


Melt the honey in warm water. Apply them on your partner’s body. Then lick them slowly.

Grapes are very attractive fruits. Merely looking at the balls of the fruit you feel excited.  They can hence, trigger sexual tension well eaten erotically

put a piece in your mouth slowly
and suck out the juice and chew them seductively

11. Chocolate

Chocolate is a good aphrodisiac. Dark chocolate has been proven to cause a rise in dopamine, which increase the feeling of pleasures. While chocolate helps, it could also cause infections of brought into contact with the genitals.

12. Oyster
Oysters are good antioxidants, which increases antioxidants. and enhance sexual performance.

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