Are you Nigerian if you really didn’t say these ridiculous statements? Its about time these statements be added to the Dictionary because they are known as the Nigerian language.

  • Reverse Back

Ahhh! You cannot say you haven’t said this before or said it before. This should be in the oxford dictionary by now.

  • Come and Be Going

Have I said this before? I don’t know. Will I say this again? I don’t know. But who started saying this in the first place?

  • Upstanding
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How can you be standing and also be Up? But even our teachers in secondary school always said “upstand” or “remain upstanding”.

  • Ember Month

Incase you don’t know this, we will soon enter “ember months” lol. Basically the months of the year that ends with “ember”.

  • Trafficate

It is simply indicate, but somehow, Nigerians prefer Trafficate and there’s absolutely no reason for the change from the correct name. I’m sure after seeing this, some of you won’t change from using Trafficate.

  • Barbing Salon
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A barbershop or a salon is okay, but are you truly a Nigerian if you just call it that without saying “Barbing salon”??

  • Not on Seat

Is it really a Nigerian office if the receptionist doesn’t say “Oga is not on seat”? Why not just say the person isn’t available at the time?


Please kindly share other common statements that only makes sense to Nigerians

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