In the Nigerian movie industry, not all are rich, it is not what we all think it is. Here is the list of Nollywood actors who are currently broke at the moment.

1. Hanks Anuku: He is a veterinarian actor, and also popular in the Nollywood movie industry. Hanks is no longer getting roles that will fetch him money.

2. Emeka Ike: He is one of the old actors on the television screen back in 1990, he is known for his bad-boy roles and after a time he stopped acting.

3. Emeka Enyiocha: He is also one of the old popular actors in the Nollywood movie industry. he does not get enough roles in movies anymore.

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Nonso Diobi: The award-winning actor was one of the hot faces on the television screen then, but now the case is different, ever since his disappearance in the movie industry.

Adeniyi Johnson: He is known for his popular roles in the Yoruba movie industry. The actor is kind of limited to some types of movies which brings him low income.

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