I. Bomblast Walk

I’m sure you’ve seen action heros blow stuff up then walk away quite calmly. This doesn’t actually happen in real life. If you’re anywhere near a bomblast when it goes off, then you’re probably not walking any where anytime soon.

II. Knockout Punches

Movies probably already gave you the idea that it was possible to land a knockout blow with your bare hands. But it’s practically impossible and you’re at the risk of getting a boxer’s fracture if this happens.

III. Gun Silencers/Suppressors

Unlike in moves where they’re called gun silencers, in real life they’re actually called suppressors and they do not cancel the sound of gunshots like movies have led you to believe.

IV. Phone-call Tracing

You must have seen some scenes in movies where actors cut their phone  dialogue shut to avoid being traced, but in actual scenarios, the FBI can actually trace every call you make from the moment you make them.

V. Border Escape

In case you’re thinking you can commit a crime in the USA and quickly make a dash for the Mexican border where the hands of the law might have a hard time reaching you, then you’re wrong. The Mexican authorities would simply hand you right back.

VI. Car Landing

You e probably also seen Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson land on a car multiple times and you’re thinking if they can, you can too. That’s only wishful thinking and if you land on a car, you might lose more than an arm or a tooth.

VII. Shooting In Space

This should be completely ruled out because even if you did shoot in space it would be impossible for anyone to hear it as there are no molecules in space to help the sound travel.

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