Below are some of the regular statements that seem like ordinary banter, but broke people would pick an offence because it’s their current state, and they are probably tired of hearing it. So mind these statements:

  • Do Giveaway 

It’s only if you want to suffer for 600 years, that you can go and tell a broke person this. Do you want him to give away his soul? Somebody that is managing his widow’s myth

  • When there’s a job to do and you say “outsource it”
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Outsource what? with what? Please, carry your big man lifestyle away from here jare. Somebody that is broke, he’ll rather do the work for days.

  • His rich friend say “I no get money”

If you want to insult me, just do it and stop cutting through the corners. Do you want to “shey yeye si wa loju awon arata?”

  • When you have an expensive taste and someone says that’s why you don’t have money

Oh no! it’s just ordinary broke person broke, we no kill person. Sapa nice one

  • When they call you Boss/My Oga

Please, don’t be saying this outside oh, don’t let my helper hear you calling boss.

  • When Someone advices you to spend less so you save more

If it was easy like that, I won’t be hearing the advice in the first place. Please shift!

  • Let’s Hang out
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You can’t be embarrassing me anyhow. I’m an introvert for now Please

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