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If You Did These 5 Things As A Child Then You’re A Businessman But Also A 419

If You Did These Things As A Child Then You’re Business Savvy But Also A Rogue

Growing up in Nigeria is fun, especially if you have siblings. If you can relate to these occurrences then you’re a rogue but also business savvy;

  1. Exchanged Your Meat For Full Portion Of Rice

This happened in boarding schools especially, only the smartest understood that survival was more important than enjoyment.


  1. Let Go Of Your Food For Future Favours

If you did this then you’re an OG and you understand the art of negotiation. Always make them owe you one!

  1. Tricked Your Parents Into Paying For House Chores

Well, to reach this level, then your emotional blackmail game has to be on another level because any small mistake and you’re dead.

  1. Charged Your Friends For Riding Your Bicycle

This is easy-peezy and sure way to cash out as a kid. You’re providing supply to a demand that never ends. Weekends are the busiest in this business venture.

  1. Hid The Remote Control Then Got Paid To Find It

Maximum respect if you can pull this off cause some siblings are eagle eyed, but nonetheless, it works.

Written by Adeyinka Taiwo


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