Most of what we consider hacking today; usually turns out to be a little bit of hacking and a whole lot of social engineering. Although advertisers want you to believe otherwise, the simple truth is that the effective way to hack your husband’s laptop is to make sure that he gives you access to the computer.

Otherwise, no other medium is a hundred per cent safe. How To Hack Your Husband’s Password-Protected Laptop

Be Warned; that hacking anyone’s personal computer is wrong and a violation of their privacy, and can also be considered illegal in many parts of the world.

Here are some ways in which you can gain access to your husband’s computer without his knowledge.

For Average Joe’s

  • Spy on him while he’s powering on his computer and watch him as he inputs the code or password.
  • Wait till he’s distracted and the laptop’s unlocked and disable his AV program.
  • Download and Install an exploitation tool from the internet
  • Execute a power shell script; this gives you unbridled access to all the passwords of all accounts logged into the laptop.


For Tech Bros/Hoes

  • Go to and download the latest mimikatz binary. Note that the blog is in French, but you should be able to recognize binary when you see it.
  • Download, extract and execute the file: mimikatz.exe
  • Import Matthew Graeber’s Out-Minidump.ps1 from Github.  Peruse the code by clicking the link so you get a basic understanding of what it does.
  • Right-click the link, choose to Save link from the menu, and make sure you save it with the PS1 File (.ps1) file extension.  It won’t work if you save it as a .txt file.
  • Open PowerShell as an Administrator by pressing the Windows Logo Key + q and typing: Powershell, to import the script into Powershell so you can do a memory dump.


Please be aware that  PowerShell scripts can completely nuke your system, Windows, therefore, disables such scripts by default. To change this, you need to temporarily set the Execution Policy to Unrestricted, after running the script you should change the execution policy back to Restricted.

Type: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Then import the script by typing a dot followed by the path to your PS1. .C:\Users\vhudson\Documents\Scripts\PowerShell\Out-Minidump.ps1

Final Tip; According to Sophos, 55% of smartphone and computer users all over the world use the same password across all their devices.

So before you employ the services of a black hat hacker who may get access to unfavourable information about you, your husband, and your family, you can try some of his favourite words or phrases, such as a daughter’s name, date of birth, or some other very weird, but emotional details for men.

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