There are several people when it comes to buying condoms in Nigeria. Most people are so shy and act like they don’t use it, then you wonder who actually does.

Here is a list of several reactions people have to buy condoms. So catch your sub.

1. The Unneccesary Buyers

These set of people are the ones that walk into the pharmacy and start picking unnecessary stuff until they slip the condoms into the pile. In the end, they could buy a drug they don’t need or even tissue paper.

2. The Waiters
These set of people don’t mind waiting till the store is almost closed. They would wait till everyone buys what they want to get and then walk up to the counter to ask for the condom. They can stand for hours. They don’t mind telling other people to buy first pretending to make a call.

3. The Paper Geng
These don’t have time to talk. They just write the name of the condom they want in a shit of paper. They are the no stress gang

4. The Beggers
These set of people can go any length to beg anyone around to buy a condom from them in the pharmacy. They don’t mind tipping you, all they do is stand by the side and wait for you.

5. Whisper
These don’t mind going into the mouth of the sellers. They go straight to meet the sellers and speak softly into their years. All of a sudden you see them collecting a pack in nylon and saying, ” Bros Nice one…Thanks”

6.Those That Send Their Girlfriends
It shock You Abi? This is senseless of all set. They send their girlfriends to purchase for them.

7. Those That Don’t Care
These settings do not give a hoot at who is watching. They walk down into any pharmacy of their choice and ask for what they want.

8. Regular customers
These set of people don’t need to go into the pharmacy or shop. They contact the seller beforehand, pickup and pay immediately

9. Go with friends
These are the shy ones. These people go with their friends who would make noise and even make jest of them while they buy the condom for them

10.The Weirdo

These set of persons act like they are looking for something. They act unstable, that everyone around them would know they want to get something. They only speak when they are asked in secret.

11. The  Fake Thinkers
These are the ones that pretend to be thinking of what to buy until they find the courage to buy the condom

12. The” I Cannot Kill My Self”
These are the ones that don’t like stress. Once they see lots of people or  they see old people they just walkout

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