Social media can be very addictive but there is a limit to its usage, but there are some people that don’t take a break off social media. They literally do everything there and also share their personal life and information on social media. Here is the list of Nigerian celebrities that are social media addicts.

1. Annie Idibia: recently she shared her marriage problems on social media, which made several people react to the situation and dishing out advise.

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2.  Nkechi Blessing Sunday; She is known for the way and manner she deals with internet troll and calling out anyone she has issue with on social media.

3.  Blessing Okoro: This is someone that has always been a lover of social media, she does anything for clout and attention. Any new trend or matter, she hops on it.

4. Uche Maduagwu: The actor and social media are five and six, he obviously can not trend if there is no social media.

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5. Reno Omokri: This is a social media lord, he pours out his mind through and talk directly to the government through social media.

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