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Annoying Words Nigerians Should Stop Saying To Slim (Skinny) Ladies

Being a slim lady in Nigeria is a different ballgame entirely. From walking on the street and hearing, lepa shandy, Modella, to friends saying they wish to be in your shoes, the list is endless. However, people don’t understand that some words are annoying and derogatory. To them, it’s all jokes and compliments but to a slim lady, it’s annoying.

Dear Nigerians, please stop saying these words to slim ladies.

  1. You’ll add weight when you get married: Mummies and aunties are guilty of this. They’ll start telling stories of how slim they were before marriage. They say men like meat not bones. What if I decide not to get married?


  1. I don’t date slim ladies: This is the definition of nonsense and ingredients. Dear Nigerian men, who forced you to date a slim lady? Go for your spec please.

  1. I wish to be like you: You won’t pray to be slim if you understand the struggles. Clothes of about 7 years ago still fit you. You don’t shop for new clothes because none fits unless a tailor adjusts it. Your hands are too tiny for bracelets. You feel cold often. Even if you eat a bucket of burger, you still won’t get fat. Only God knows if my ring size exists in the market.  

  1. You don’t need to exercise: Who gave Nigerians the idea that being slim means being healthy? When you even try light stretches, they’ll say, don’t break into two ooo! Thanks for the unsolicited advice.

  1. I can carry you with one finger: This is the highest height of rudeness. People assume slim ladies don’t have weight. They forget that you have more bones and weight than some fat people.

  1. Don’t you eat? Please stop asking this question. Obviously, man can’t live without food but slim people have a higher metabolism rate. We eat but we don’t know where it goes and that’s not our fault. Deal with it.

  1. Are you a sickler? I know chubby sickle cell carriers. Stop equating being slim with SS genotype. Many Nigerians are fond of saying, are you sick? Why’re you looking like this? Looking like how? Just stop it!

What do you think?

Written by Yemisi Efunnuga


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