9 Richest Women In Africa 2020

Women In Africa

  1. Isabel Dos Santos: She is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Africa. She was born in Angola. Isabel bought and managed companies in Angola. She is worth $2.8 Billion. She bought and managed companies in Angola. Isabel’s father was president of Sharon Group and also the executive chairwoman of Farma oil.
  2. Folorunsho Alakija: She is the Owner of Rose of  Sharon Group and also the executive chairwoman of Farma oil. In 1975, she worked as a secretary and that was her first job. Folorunsho established a tailoring company called supreme stitches. she is worth $1.5 billion.
  3. Ngina Kenyata: She is popularly known as “Mama Ngina” She got the nickname from her marriage to her husband; Jomo. Ngina was originally born in Ngenda in Kenya in 1933. She owns a lot of investment holdings and she is worth $1Billion.
  4. Bola Shagaya: She is known for her high taste in fashion and eminence in style. Bola Shagaya had a career in the banking industry where she first worked as an auditor. She has board membership with unity bank and is also a relevant member of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN). She is a real estate businesswoman. Her net worth is $630Million.
  5. Wendy Appelbaum: She is currently the richest woman living in South Africa presently. Wendy is the director of liberty investors and a philanthropist. She is worth $259.3Million.
  6. Wendy Akckerman: Wendy Akckerman is the director of financial company Pick N pay holdings and also a Philanthropist. The company was first bought by her husband, Raymond before Wendy joined in to help grow the business. She is worth $259.3Million.
  7. Irene Charnley: Irene was born in South Africa in the 1960s. She is one of South Africa’s richest businesswomen. Irene is the director of MTN Group and CEO of Smile Telecoms Holdings, Ltd. Her net worth is $150Million.
  8. Bridget Radebe: Bridget is a South African. Her first job was working as a miner. Bridget is one of the first African female mine operators in the continent. She is the founder of Mmakau mining producing Gold, chrome, Platinum. She is worth $100 Million.
  9. Sharon Wapnick: Sharon was born in South Africa. She inherited her father’s business Premium Properties and Octodec investments. Sharon is worth $43.1Million.

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