8 Shocking Ways The Movie “Sugar Rush” Made Us Feel

“Sugar Rush” The Review

The movie “Sugar Rush” is a Nigerian action-comedy movie written and directed by Kayode Kasum. “Sugar Rush” features stars like Bisola Aiyeola, Adesua-Etomi Wellington, Bimbo Ademoye, Banky Wellington playing the lead roles. Other surprise acts in the movie include Toke Makinwa, Lateef Adedimeji and Tobi Bakre.

The movie was released in the cinemas on the 25th of December, 2019 and being taken down by The National Film and the Video Censors Board (NFVCB). It, however, was recently returned to the cinema after about one week due to popular demand.

I have watched the movie and I have decided to share my thoughts about it with you. Is it a bad effort, good one or mixed? Find out in my review below:

My Thoughts About The Movie Sugar Rush!

1. Seeing Toke Makinwa playing the role of a villain in a movie alongside Banky Wellington aka Banky W wowed me. To be honest, I did not see Toke Makinwa Pulling that off especially as she isn’t even a born actor. But to my surprise, she performed wonderfully well.

2. I liked how Idowu Phillips popularly known as Iya Rainbow, played the role of the sick mother. She added some touch of emotions to the movie. I honestly became moved to tears at some point. Should I even expect less? Definitely not! She is a veteran of course.

3. Tobi Bakare the bad guy, always spending his money on bets and games. It is sad how he lost his life in the end but one thing I can’t forget is the resounding slap that was given to him by Bisola that resurrected Him from the dead for a few seconds before he eventually gave up the ghost again. That was one hell of a scene. Did he die twice? Maybe you should see the movie to find out.

4. I am going to criticize the fact that we eventually did not get to see how the video recording of Adesua and Bisola stealing the money disappeared from the Laptop at the EFCC office.

5. Bimbo Ademoye pulled off the baby of the house part absolutely well. All she cared about were her social media fans. Funny how she could not stop flirting with the officer, even when it was apparent that he simply wasn’t interested.

6. Bisola was ready to die at the crime scene. Who wouldn’t for a whopping $800,000??? The sugar sisters could really use the money considering their mother’s health and financial status.

7. I almost had a heart attack when Tobi caught Bisola hiding the rest of the money inside the ceiling. I just knew that would be the beginning of their problems.

8. Finally, the role “ANIKULAPO” played by Banky W. It was shocking for me as I thought he would have played the role of the lover boy or something related. But seeing him play the bad guy, and also his badass move of dusting off bullets. Damn, that was EPIC!!!

Written by Eniola Lasaki

An Associate Writer - "Eniola Lasaki is a graduate of Horticulture, from the federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta. She is an open-minded individual, who never stops to seek knowledge. She has great writing skills and has interests in Entertainment and music."


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