Heartbreak has never been an easy situation to deal with. While some handle it rather lightly, to others, it takes days, running into weeks, to months of dejection.

I mean, ending a relationship that you have held onto for years and probably have painted images of the possibility of a bright future with them isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

However, the unpopular opinion, that mindset, action, and belief do heal wounds has rarely been put into practice as most people do strongly believe that time does.

In the end, it is what it is. Do not say i didnt warn you to grab a box of tissue as we go along.


Ademola, 29

I thought she was trying to test me on how much I loved her and all. She became a different person with different attitudes but still I kept on going despite my present condition hoping she’s gonna tell me she’s been testing me…

The day she got engaged and posted it, I still feel it was all prank. But eventually, it wasn’t, it was reality…Mom had malaria cos of it. She couldn’t sleep. She thought she was joking


Lauren, 25

He had been on my case for about 6 years but i kept saying to him. Finally, i became ready and told him yes in excitement. Little did i know what i had coming for me. After a couple of months, i realized that he was also in a relationship with a friend of mine, who was squatting with me back in Uni.

I was beyoind broken but i did’t say a worth to him until 3 months after, when i was certain i had healed. He couldnt deny it but pleaded with me to forgive and take him back… a dream that would never come through.


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Chisom, 26

There is an overwhelming sense of emptiness that comes with lossing someone that you had plans with.

Someone you have filled the days of the calendar of many years ahead from your present time.

Then there is the question of “Why?” “What happened?” “How did it happen?” Questions that never get answered.

I felt anger but I could never tell what or who I was angry at but before anger comes hope. Hope that it is a lie and that it would go back to better than before but when that hope is dashed a directionless anger set in.

For me because I could not place my anger I became more aware of the emptiness that I felt.

I made several attempt to fill the void and for a while I had activities to help me take my mind of the emptiness not fill it but distract it.

I guess I still stay distracted from it even after 5years. I realise now that there is somethings, some void that can not be filled, replaced or totally eliminated.

As far as being distracted goes, these days I enjoy what I can enjoy and I do not ask questions I can not answer or has no answer, I am aware that it is there and I don’t let the awareness take over me or steal good moments. I go to it ones in a while or better put it because less ignorable but just knowing it is there and acknowledging it makes it have less power over me.


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Bisola, 28

We had been having issues here and there but i kept telling myself it was going to be okay. Sadly, things only changed for the worse. I guess the one that broke the camel’s back was when he put up the photo of a lady i had severally noticed on his staus. I questioned him and guess what, he said it was not my business and that i should do me. Right there and then, i knew not to go back to him.


Dolapo, 30

My first hearbreak was in 2011. I found out my then boyfriend was dating someone beside my house. His excuse was  that i was not ready to ahve sex with hi, as the virgin that i was, and that he was getting it elsewhere. I thought i never going to fall in love agin. I cried and cried for days, went on hunger strike, locked myself in my room.


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Ayodeji, 28

The year was 2008. I think around may tbh. John Terry missing that spot kick and Chelsea losing that UCL final. That’s the first time I cried as a man. Real hot tears.


Muyiwa, 31

It happened with my ex, when she felt like she was ready to settle down, while I’m was not eady for marriage. This led to our breakup. I felt so hurt.


Mariam, 33

When i met him, i knew he was into intrernt fraud, (Yahoo Yahoo), but the 1 promise he constaly made me was that he was going to quit once he hit it big. 8 years passed, and we were on the never-ending discussion. To be honest, he did show me love and bought me expensive gifts, cars, you name it.

But i had to face reality, i was not getting any younger, and needed to settled down, but not with someone who had no future plans. I decided to take the bull by the horn and call it quits.

Oh yes, as you would have thought, it did hurt like hell, and i did go broke, but i did what i had to do.

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