8 Forbidden Animals In Nigeria That Are Eaten Across Asia

You know like they say ‘one man’s food is another’s poison’
While there are some animals Nigerians disregard and reject as food due to some sacred belief or mystery, Asians make good with them as meals, looking all young and fresh.

Some of these animals include;

1. Octopus; This animal is generally seen as dangerous in this part of the world but across Asia, it makes one of the best delicacies.
The meal it is made with is called Sannakji— a Korean delicacy that consists of small pieces of octopus that are served immediately after cutting a live octopus. Upon serving, the suction cups are still moving and you have to be careful when eating to avoid them sticking to your mouth or even worse, your throat. But the Koreans enjoy it nonetheless.

2. Rooster Testicles: We eat chickens a lot in Nigeria but for some weird reasons, we throw out the testicles of the males (Rooster). Some Nigerians believe it is very bitter and will soil the other parts of the meat if not removed.
However, it one of Hong Kong’s most popular street food snacks. Similar to many other bizarre Chinese delicacies, rooster testicles are known to have numerous medicinal properties.

3. Scorpion & grasshopper: Never has it been heard of in any part of Nigeria that scorpion is consumed as food. But in South Asia and China, scorpion is a popular local dish made by marinating and deep frying to neutralize the poison.

4. Pig Blood Cake: Due to some religious and traditional beliefs held in some parts of Nigeria, some people still don’t eat pig. But while some eat the meat, they never take the blood. In Taiwan, Pig’s Blood Cake is a street snack made from pork blood, soy broth and sticky rice.

5. Pufferfish: This is one of the world’s most poisonous fishes. Even without any belief, it is not eaten in Nigeria. In Fugu, Japan and Bok in Korea, it is one of their most expensive dish. Learning the art of the dish preparation takes years. And only professionals do it. It takes up to $100 per plate.

6. Sheep penis: China is home to very unusual meals and this makes one of them. The Beijing delicacy is served on a stick, looks pale and gooey but it’s good food for the Asians.

7. Duck Embryos: Philipines and Hing Kong eat this. The locals peel off the upper portion of the egg, sipping the broth and eat the chick and the egg yolk once they were done.

8. Rabbit Skull: WE eat rabbit in Nigeria but the skull.. neeh. The city of Chengdu in China is well known for this delicacy. 


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