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8 Big Brother Naija Ex-Housemates Yet To Bag Any Major Endorsement Deal

In Brand Marketing, Celebrity endorsements have been a marketing tool. Like the theory of advertising states, celebrity-appeal equal more sale, lots of brands have leveraged on the popularity of a celebrity to gain product awareness and bring about brand recognition in all media space.
Brands are now beginning to not only focus on artiste, actors or musicians but now using celebrities with a fanbase strong enough for them to consider partnering with. Hence, most of these celebrities have emerged from the Big Brother Naija show.
Since the history of BBN, brands have been working with several ex-housemates. However, during the show there where housemates we thought would have gotten lots of endorsements for one reason or the other. However, the case has not been so.
See the list of housemates yet to get enough endorsements.
1.  Eric Akihgbe Oshiokhai
BBN season five ex-housemate, Eric was a show stopper just at the first entrance to the big brother house. We did not only think he would stay more on the show before his eviction, but we also thought he would get a lot of brand endorsement. However, since his eviction, he has worked with only one brand, Cravendeel.
2. Bright Ezekiel
Season five Ex-housemate, Brighto is yet to get endorsements. He, however, has his own clothing line, Apply Pressure.
3. Bally
Season two ex-housemate, Bally was one of the crowd’s favourites during the show. However since his eviction till date, we are yet to hear about him. We are yet to pick point his endorsements since the show.
4. Tuoyo
Season four former housemate, Tuoyo brought sexiness and fire to the Saturday parties, even more, when he claimed he was a stripper. However, we thought he would work with brands because of his stature and freshness. 
5. Marvis
One of season two’s top five, Marvis has not been in the limelight ever since the end of their season. We are yet to recognise her with a brand till date. 
6. Ella
Season four ex-housemate, Ella is yet to get a brand to sign her since her eviction, We thought she would make serious waves in the music industry. Well we keep our fingers crossed.
7. Thin Tall Tony
To think we thought for his looks, carriage and dancing skill Ex season two housemates, Thin Tall Tony would have gotten a lot of brands scouting for him since his eviction. We were so wrong. Triple T is yet to get signed.
8. Nelson
Model and Mr Universe 2018, Nelson is yet to get a brand endorsement. He shared fun moments with his fellow housemates during the season four edition, even though he was in his shell we thought his fine looks will fetch him lots of endorsements.

Written by Ejemen Ogbebor


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