Admits coronavirus outbreak globally, there have been several preventive measures to curb the spread of the pandemic disease. Some of which includes; washing of hands, using hand sanitizers, maintain social distancing and avoiding crowded places

However, people have ways they tend to exaggerate and act unconsciously amongst this outbreak. Hence, it has brought about different kind of reactions of people towards people that are perceived to exhibit the symptoms of coronavirus. One of the most evident symptoms is coughing or sneezing.

Of course, Nigerians make a buzz about everything and the bus can be described to be a good example of space were various reactions towards a person that exhibits the perceived symptom (Coughing) of coronavirus

See below 7 reactions people make in Public transport amidst coronavirus.

1.     The Killer Eye Givers

This may sound funny but once you cough in a bus, whether it just a cold or perhaps you got choked people would immediately look at you like you have the virus

2. The Warners

Once someone coughs in a bus, some people can go the length to start shouting and warn the person to sneeze or cough in a tissue, handkerchief or cover his/her mouth

3. The Shifters

This can be quite painful but you cannot actually blame them. Immediately you cough, people would instantly shift and would not say the usual, bless you.

4. The Laughers

These are the kind of people that would laugh at any situation. They care less and are always ready to comment

5. The Nose masks wearers

It is quite amazing that Nigerians do not know when it appropriate to use a nose mask. They practically wear it all day without changing it

6. The Insult Givers

These are the aggressive ones. They would instantly rain insult on you for wanting to kill them just immediately after you cough. They are hyperactive and wouldn’t hesitate to curse

7. The very spiritual

These people believe that there is nothing like coronavirus and as such, they go the length of sprinkling holy water, praying or even using anointing oil or wearing spiritual ornaments.

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