Following the events around the feud between the Kano state government of Ganduje and the Emir of Kano, Sanusi, Nigeria was yesterday given a shocker as the state government dethroned the emir. This is sure to last, at least, a full week- given the fact that something new will pop up again- Nigeria never seems to get dry with disturbing, disheartening news each day.

According to the statement issued by the Kano state government, disrespect for political authority, the sacrilege of Northern culture, fraud allegations amongst others are seen as the reasons for his dethronement.

But beneath the surface of things, there are hidden secrets.

Here are some facts about Muhammadu Sanusi and his removal that cannot be ignored.

  1. HISTORY: According to speculations going around, what is happening to Sanusi is history repeating itself. Sanusi’s grandfather, Muhammadu Sanusi I was removed by Ahmadu Bello in 1963 and installed his granduncle, Bayero who is the grandfather of the new emir named by Ganduje, Aminu Bayero.

  2. SUSPENSION: Sanusi was suspended as governor of CBN for being vocal about the missing $20bn during the Goodluck Jonathan Administration. Many criticized him for whistle-blowing about it saying it was a concocted lie to oust Jonathan.

  3. DESTINY: His destiny not to be an emir which according to people, he got forcefully from his cousin who was supposed to ascend the throne instead of him. Also, he is meant for greater things because looking at the trend of things, when he got suspended, he became emir. So, now that he is once again removed, something greater is coming his way which has started manifesting as he got awarded by Unizik just yesterday.

  4. RADICALISM: He has always been a radical. Sanusi has never been one to keep watch and mum over wrongs even if it means going against the norms. He has never been admired by his northern brothers because he has always called out the cultural practices of the north that seem retrogressive.

  5. NEMESIS: Nemesis catching up with him for his wrongdoings. According to the story told by Femi Fani-Kayode, Sanusi championed the mob that chased and severely butchered a man called Akaluka for desecrating the Quran in the 1990s. The full story is yet to be told. So, this is the evil he has done coming back at him.

  6. POLITICAL AFFILIATION: His opposition to Ganduje’s election in 2019. He was reportedly open about his political dislike for Ganduje. He called for several meetings to persuade the traditional leaders in his domain to rather vote for PDP than APC in the 2019 election. Ganduje however, seizes the moment to get back at him.
  7. THE GAME; POLITICS: Now, while the aforementioned points remain valid, it is important to know that the crisis around the removal of Sanusi is more political than it is in any other aspect.

Politics is a game-changer. Truth be told, politics is about wielding power. Education does not give you power, outspokenness does not give you power, knowledge does not give you power. Arsenal of state weapon gives you power. Politics give power. You must understand that in politics, the players always thrive to stay relevant in the scheme of things. Sanusi being perceived as an imminent danger is a threat to ruling politicians because his ethics are bound to overhaul the status quo which will mean them becoming irrelevant. In nowhere in the world under whatsoever condition is a threat/challenge to one’s power appreciated. It is only taken and swallowed in good faith in democratic settings but of course, not without measures to keep such mouths closed. Everything that has happened with Sanusi is a mere show of power-play. Sanusi has to choose a side in this game, him or them. Well, he has proven to want to go with himself and the results are what we are seeing. But politics can be so sweet that the tables can turn round in favour of him if he plays the right cards. He has been able to get the sympathy of some Nigerians. This event has also made him well known than he ever has been especially among the new generation that will hopefully be the ones to determine the polls in coming elections if he intends to venture into politics full time.

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