Politics is a rugged game of its own and there are some players of the game that have shown the true ruggedness of it, making it clearly known that it can be as rough as whatever you can imagine it to be.

This list though not exhaustive gives to us those that have mixed the Nigerian blood coupled with the ruggedness of the game and their innate natural wildness.

1. Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Tinubu makes the top of this list for his “codedness” which has awarded him the nickname “Jagaban”. He is called Jagaban and kingmaker in Nigerian politics not for anything other than having many under his claws of manipulation.

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2. Olusegun Obasanjo

Obasanjo is what we can call “The King of the Hood” whose shoes others after him are unworthy to unloose. When he served as the president, he never minced words to his critics.

3. Rotimi Amaechi

This former governor of Rivers state is nothing short of a rugged personality who recently confirmed it saying he got into politics for survival.

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4. Nyesom Wike

This man has successfully become the most popular among all incumbent governors for his several attacks on FG amid the fight against COVID-19. He recently affirmed that he has got the blood of fight in him.

5. Rochas Okorocha

Not so much has been heard of him since he joined the Senate in 2019. Okorocha was a terror to his enemies especially during his attempt to install his son-in-law as governor of Imo state after completion of his second term in the office.

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6. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje

Ganduje’s ruggedness is synonymous with one of “shamelessness”. He is always less concerned about what others have to say of him. He does what he got to do irrespective of the dragging.

7. Ayodele Fayose

The ex-governor of Ekiti state will go at any length to prove to his critics that he is not to be toyed with. He popularized the “stomach infrastructure” mechanism in Nigerian politics.

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