7 Professions With The Highest Pay In Nigeria 

Nearly everyone dreams about making enough money to fund their ambitions and needs. However, not all professions bring such an enviable salary.  

In Nigeria, some professions can guarantee high pay if you have the required education and training. Let’s check out some of the professions.  

7 Professions With The Highest Salaries In Nigeria 

1. Entertainment: Apart from money made from releasing songs, movies and organizing concerts, entertainers such as actors, musicians and comedians can land juicy endorsement deals.  

2. Healthcare: Considering the number of years spent in school to become qualified and the risks associated with human life, healthcare professionals enjoy good paychecks.

3.  IT/Programming: With nearly every business online, there’s a higher demand for IT professionals including Ethical Hackers and Software Developers. This profession is highly lucrative especially for a techy person. 

4. Engineering: Rarely will you see a Nigerian family that doesn’t have one engineer. Regardless of the area of specialization, engineering professionals earn fat salaries. 

5. Politics: This list will be incomplete without this profession. In Nigeria, the annual basic salary of a Local Government Chairman is about N1,026,327. 

6. Law: With lots of experience in the bag, a lawyer can earn in millions especially when representing corporate organizations and political officeholders. 

7. Creatives/Media: From Animators, Graphic designers to On-Air-Personalities, media professionals command great prestige as the job comes with exposure and good money.  

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Written by Yemisi Efunnuga


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