Wizkid and Davido are two of the richest and most popular young Nigerians. But while these guys have enjoyed both sides to the coin, there are some other younger Nigerians who are even wealthier but not often in the news. Here are some of Africa’s richest silent billionaires;

  1. Sijibomi Ogundele (SUJIMOTO)

SUJIMOTO is the billionaire real estate mogul and CEO of Sujimoto Construction Company. He rose from humble beginnings in Agege and has since carved a niche for himself in real estate around the world. He is worth billions of Naira and is the proud owner of the highly revered Medici Terraces at Milverton Road in Ikoyi among other hi-tech real estate construction projects around the world.


  1. Igho Sanomi

I built Taleveras Group from scratch and he is currently one of Africa’s most formidable businessmen in energy, power, oil and gas, and construction sectors. He owns huge shares in two Nigerian oil blocks and contracts with PSC Manufacturing for three offshore oil blocks in Ivory Coast.

  1. Ladi Delano

Ladi Delano is a Chinese-based Nigerian businessman and serial entrepreneur who made his first millions from a Chinese liquor venture, Solidarnosc Asia at just twenty-two years old. Being a serial entrepreneur, he has since sold the company and at the moment, Mr Delano presides over Bakrie Delano Africa. Besides, he is a co-founder of the company. It has a value of 1 billion US dollars. Bakrie Group of Indonesia is reportedly worth 15 billion US dollars.

  1. Seun Osewa

Seun Osewa is the founder of Nairland.com, the world’s third-biggest online forum. The website reportedly earns up to two hundred thousand dollars a month in google ads earnings, while the details of other advert earnings are not public knowledge.

  1. Abiola Olaniran

Abiola Olaniran is a computer science and mathematics graduate of OAU and the founder of Nigeria’s foremost gaming company, Gamsole with over ten million downloads in the windows app store. The young programmer continues to develop games which have been downloaded in over two hundred countries of the world.

  1. Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku is the founder of a string of internet companies in Africa, notable amongst them are Iroko TV and Spark. He is at the moment, Africa’s biggest movie producer and investor and is worth billions of Naira.

  1. Mark Essien

Mark Essien is a Nigerian serial entrepreneur and the founder of Hotels.ng which is reportedly worth over four million dollars.

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