7 Important Tips To Eat Healthy On A Budget



Eating healthy can be quite expensive. With food prices on the high, it could be quite difficult to plan a healthy meal, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

However, you shouldn’t abandon your health because you want to save or invest. You could eat well without overshooting your budget. You don’t have to break a bank.

Here are smart ways to eat healthy on a tight budget.


1. Always plan your meals.

You could plan your meals on a weekly basis. That way, it’s easier to buy ingredients ahead and add nutrients based on your needs. This also saves you from eating out unnecessarily.



2. Cook your meals at home.

It’s cheaper and healthier to cook your own meals. You get to know the exact ingredients in your meal. It’s also cheaper as the price of one meal in a restaurant could feed three to four persons when cooked at home.


3. Don’t shop when hungry.

You have more tendency to eat junks when shopping on an empty stomach. Always eat well before heading out to the market.


3. Buy wholefoods.

It’s cheaper to buy wholefoods in open markets compared with processed ones. Wholefoods are less processed and free from additives or artificial substances.


5. Buy items on sales.

Sales are a perfect opportunity to stock up on any item you use frequently. This saves you more money compared with buying at the actual price.


6. Go for food items in season/bulk.

Food items in season are usually cheaper and it’s advisable to buy in bulk. Instead of buying just one few pieces of plantain, you could buy a bunch. This way, you buy healthy items at a cheaper rate.

7. Cultivate your own garden.

If there’s a fertile space around your home, you could grow your own food. Seeds are quite cheap to buy. With little time and work, you could grow your own vegetables, beans and herbs.

Written by Yemisi Efunnuga


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