6 Things You’ll Relate With If You’re A Social Introvert 

Have you ever planned an exciting party with your friends and on the main day, you don’t just feel like attending the party? Not that you feel unwell, you just want to enjoy your solitude. Don’t panic! You’re not weird. You only belong to a group of unique human beings called social introverts. 

If you can relate with these traits below, you’re officially a social introvert.  

All The Things You’ll Relate With If You’re A Social Introvert

1. You love hanging out but only in the company of few people you know. Hanging out with strangers freaks you out even if a mutual friend is present.

2. Despite loving to hang out, once you’ve spent about one hour or two at a party, you feel drained. You just want to go home.  

3. You enjoy your solitude and love recharging by being alone. After spending hours alone, you feel energized to face the noisy world out there. 

4. When you’re in the company of your close friends, it’s very easy to mistake you for an extrovert – an outgoing person. You function better in small groups. 


5. You always want to plan your activities ahead so you can mentally prepare. People can’t just intrude into your schedule and you dislike last-minute plans. 

6. You don’t mind telling people you’re sick just to avoid socializing but when pressured, you tend to give in. Surprisingly, you always end up enjoying the hangout but won’t say it out. Lol 


7. You’re selectively social. You don’t just click with everyone like an extrovert. You’ll rather have few loyal friends than pack the whole world as fans. 

Written by Yemisi Efunnuga


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