6 Situations Everyone Who Finished NYSC Can Relate With


If you truly passed through the NYSC program – not that you were only coming for clearance once in a month – there are lots of memories you won’t forget in a hurry.  

For some, NYSC brought out their survival skills while some made better friends they didn’t have all through their entire lives before the program. Whatever the case may be, there are some things you’ll definitely relate with.  

Top Things Anyone Who Finished NYSC Can Relate With

1. Living in a state you’ve never visited before: NYSC is an expert at “throwing” corps members to states they’ve never visited before. Well, its essence is to expose youths to different ethnic groups.

2. Never-ending CDS meetings: If you truly finished NYSC, you can relate with various CDS meetings. If you were lucky enough to join the one that aligns with your interests, then you really enjoyed NYSC. 

3. Everyone hails you: Maybe some people think NYSC pays in millions. Immediately, they sight you as a corps member, you begin to hear “ Corper Shun”, “Ajuwaya”.

4. Monthly Allawee: Even if everything about NYSC seems boring, you dare not say the monthly allawee is tiring. Who gets tired of money? Not even when it is now N33,000.  

5. Post Nysc Confusion: Days before your POP, you would have started thinking about your life. If you didn’t plan your life earlier, you might consider all sorts of things just to make ends meet. 

6. Countless questions: As a lady, immediately NYSC is over, you will think everyone had a meeting over your case. From all corners, questions will start popping about marriage.  

Written by Yemisi Efunnuga


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