6 Most shocking Scorelines Between Big Name Teams In Football

Here’s a list of the most shocking football results that the world would never expect to see from a tight contest between two big name teams in football. There have been many over the years and even now, here’s a list of some of them.

1. Manchester United Vs Arsenal 8-2 in (2011)
Alex Ferguson’s side was definitely not having it easy with Arsene Wenger’s side, as they came dominating and ensured to pass 8 goals behind the Arsenal side. It was indeed a good day at the Old Trafford and would always be in the minds of the United Fans.


2. Man United Vs Man City 1-6 in (2011)
This one an iconic Manchester Derby and to the dismay of the United side, it happened at the Theatre of Dreams. The Manchester City side came dominating, as their tallies man, Aguero, as well as Yaya Toure among others, proved to be the better Manchester side.

3. Barcelona 6-1 PSG (2017)
The was a great masterclass from Neymar, a member of the MSN and Barcelona. It was a second leg round of 16 game, with PSG already winning 4-0 on aggregate, Barcelona team put up a great show as they changed what looked like an impossible win, to something extremely wonderful

4. Brazil Vs Germany 7-1 (2014)
This went down as one of the best scorelines and matches that have played out at the World cup, sadly it was dished out to Brazil, one of the best teams in the world. The German machines weren’t ready to let the Brazilian side play their game, their Tallies man, Neymar, wasn’t available for them, but still was a sensational game for Germany.

5. Bayern Munich Vs Barcelona 7-0 (2013)
The Uefa Champions league of 2013 saw Bayern Munich make an incredible First and second leg defeat to Barcelona. It was shared with 3 goals in the first leg and 4 in the second leg, a classic masterpiece from the German giants.

6. Bayern Munich Vs Barcelona 8-2 (2020)
Unfortunately, Barcelona fell victim for losing to the same team twice. Barcelona was just recently knocked out from the Uefa Champions league 2019-20 season with what seemed to be a humiliating defeat by the Bayern Side. It was indeed a shocker for everyone, but was a game to watch.

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