6 Biggest Scandals In The History Of Football That Will Never Be Forgotten

There is no sector of the world that does not get rocked at some point by scandal. Even the most corporate of world sectors have their own scandals, so, how much more football?
Football has been encapsulated with more than 40 huge scandals in the past with all of these scandals involving footballers, managers, football clubs, football personnel, high-ranking officers in associations, and several others.
However, this post isn’t about no other than footballers and their clubs. It’s about the 6 greatest scandals that have rocked football in the past and stories that never will leave the history books of the round-leather game.
6 Biggest Scandals In The History Of Football That Will Never Be Forgotten

1. The murder of Andres Escobar: The Colombian defender scored an unfortunate own-goal in a match against the United States in the 1994 FIFA World Cup which led to Colombia being knocked out of the tournament.

Arriving back in his country alongside the team after their elimination, the then 27-year-old was shot dead in the country’s capital of Medellin. The assassination was said to have been orchestrated by a drug lord who lost money after betting on Colombia. Escobar was just one month away from his wedding.
2. Diego Maradona’s famous cocaine apprehension: Maradona was famous for thuggery, anti-Americanism, evasion of tax, and all sorts but none got more controversial than his cocaine bust in 1991.
The talented footballer was tested for drug and he failed that woefully, resulting in a 15-month ban from football which ultimately destroyed his career.
3. John Terry Vs Wayne Bridge saga: Both Terry and Bridge were team-mates for many years, however, that never stopped Terry from wanting to have a taste of Bridge’s wife’s cookie.
The former Chelsea center-back eventually had his way and he slept with Bridge’s wife. It led to a fully-blown saga between Terry and Bridge which led to the latter ignoring the former severally during pre-match rituals when he moved to Manchester City.
4. Benzema-Ribery Under-age sex accusation: This is surely one of the dirtiest scandals in the history of football. Franck Ribery was accused of sleeping with a 16-year-old girl at his 26th birthday party while in 2008 Benzema was also accused of doing the same thing. Both footballers were charged to court but denied the charges which allowed the case to continue for a while.
5. Calciopoli 2006: The Italian Serie A is notorious for committing bribery offense but the biggest came in 2006 when police apprehended some teams for always selecting referees to favor them in matches.
Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorentina, Reggina, and Lazio were the teams that were apprehended by the police and they suffered greatly. Juve was stripped off their 2005 league title, while their Champions League place was canceled. They were also demoted to Serie B with AC Milan having 30 points deducted from their points in the league. The other three teams received less severe punishment.
6. Wayne Rooney’s alleged affair with Jenny Thompson: Rooney was accused to have slept with his wife’s escort, Jenny while his wife was pregnant.
The news was everywhere in the media and it coincided with Rooney’s poor outing in the World Cup and a contract saga with Manchester United. The player, however, survived the whole situation with his marriage not falling apart.

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