No business book will actually teach you these secrets you are about to learn today.

If you keep doing these 6 six things, you are really going to die poor.

1. Dragging Change with Bike Man Or Store Attendant

Leave forming aside, can’t you just say keep the change. That’s the rich man mentality and you should start living it in faith. Even if you don’t ever get to be rich, at least you have lived the life.

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2. Comfortable Eating Food Without Animal

May we not suffer suffer in this life. Seeing nothing wrong to eat food without ‘animalious protein’ is what exactly?

3. Pepper Body

You can’t kiss ass in Nigeria and you want to blow. I pity you. Except of course, you will go for the money ritual option.

4. Shouting Cut Soap To All Your 30k Friends

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You are there shouting cut soap for me when all your friends and contacts are 30k earners. Is the soap even enough for them to bathe with? I really pity you because what’s your aim in life?

5. Geng Awon Good Girl/Good boy

I’m not saying anything.

6. Small Thing, You Are Catching Feelings

If you gather all the money from past relationships, you will build house in your village oh

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