In the world today, it has been said that it is quite hard to meet a man who does not cheat in a relationship. However, ladies deal with their cheating partners in different ways. below are some of the ways ladies have been known to react to their cheating partners.

1. The ones who won’t stop crying; some ladies are so emotional and can’t imagine their boyfriends with someone else. It hurts them to the core.
2. Those who would run to their friends for help: These ones cant take any decision without the advice of their friends.
3. The ones who would cheat back: These ones have always wanted to cheat but haven’t found the avenue to. They, therefore, cheat in return to call it even.
4. The destructive ones: These psychos will make sure they reduce you to nothing for cheating on them. They go as far as destroying your phones, cars, TV screens and the likes.
5. The ones who would turn themselves into FBI, find out whoever it is, and beat them up: These ones are ready to kill for their men. They can’t stand the thoughts of someone else sharing their man with them.
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