5 Ugliest Animals In The World You Didn’t Know About

Not all animals are cute, fluffy or inviting to touch. Some would, in fact, scare you away not because of how wild or dangerous they are but for how ugly they are.
Here is a list of five ugliest animals in the world.
1. Blobfish
 To say ugly might be an understatement. Blobfish are quite an unattractive creature. They live deep in the ocean.
At a time, Blobfish was voted as the world’s ugliest animal in an online poll conducted by the British-based.
2. Proboscis monkey
Proboscis monkey has a very scary nose, often, the bigger the nose, the better. What we find interesting about this animal is that the female proboscis monkey gets turned on by a big, bulbous schnoz. 
According to research, the large nose has an effect on a male proboscis monkey’s vocalizations that both attracts females and intimidates competitor males.

One of its skills is swimming. They have swabbed feet and hands which makes them great swimmers. They even swim faster than crocodiles. 

3.  Monkfish 
Monkfish is a major delicacy, but are very ugly and has become a turn off to many when it comes to eating them. This is because of their huge heads filled with blade-like teeth.
4. Star-nosed
The Star-nosed mole has the strangest kind of nose in the animal kingdom. The nosed mole is one of the most sensitive in the entire animal kingdom. The external tentacles help get a potential meal while the internal sensors help check if the prey is edible

They are defined by 22 fleshy appendages and very sensitive fingers than a nose.


5. Aye Aye 

Aye Aye is an animal found mostly in Madagascar. Aye-ayes have long, bony, and scary fingers which they use to catch insects and move on tree trunks. 

Aye Aye only comes out at night. They have very large ears and also incisors that grow often. The animal feasts on insects. 

Written by Ejemen Ogbebor


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