5 Tribes With The Most Expensive Bride Prices In Nigeria


Nigeria is a diverse country with 3 major tribes and 250 ethnic groups that are rich in culture ranging from their dressing, food, songs, customs, rituals, festivals, and many more.

One of the customs common to all the ethnic groups is marriage. It is one of the most important and cherished feasts in Nigeria.

Marriage comes after two families have agreed to the union of their children. Though the practice of marriage differs from one ethnic group to another, one customary activity that is essential for the validation of any marriage is the paying of bride price by grooms in return for the family’s blessing for the bride to embrace a new family.

This tradition has been from ages and is not going into extinct anytime soon. Some of these bride price packages include money, wears, drinks, food items, and meats.

However, in some ethnic groups in Nigeria is not just the bride price but more. These groups charge grooms so much that getting married can probably make the groom clear off his savings and go into debt. Little wonder do some men hesitate to get married or get tied on time to women in these areas

Here is the list of 5 tribes with the most expensive bride price in Nigeria.

  1. Mbaise, Imo State

Mbaise people are found in Imo state, which is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The Mbaise culture is one of the most expensive group to get married to in the country. Mbaise people are known to be lovers of advanced education, hence, the large number of graduates and learned amongst them.

Getting married to a Mbaise lady would demand you to pay heavily, this is excluding the numerous items you would gift their daughter, her family, and kinsmen. The more learned the lady is the higher her bride price.

  1. Kalabari, Rivers State

The Kalabari people make up a higher part of the Ijaw clan In Rivers state, which is located in the Southern part of Nigeria.

These set of people are said to be the first to be in contact with the foreigners, which is so obvious in the organization of some of their houses and the non-indigenous names they bear.

The Kalabari’s bride price and marriage list is outrageous ad amongst the most expensive in Nigeria. There bride price in total can be up to 1 million naira and even more.

  1. Annang, Akwa Ibom State

These people are found in Akwa Ibom, which is located in the southern part of Nigeria. This ethnic group also has an expensive demand from grooms who want to get married to their daughters. They estimate the cost of the marriage items expected to be paid by the groom is a very long list, up to four sheets of paper full, which could amount to about 700 thousand naira.

  1. Ngwo People, Enugu State

This ethnic group requires any man who declares his interest in getting married to a woman of their tribe to prove that he has the financial and physical capacity to cater to her only by first meeting the huge requirements and training one or all of the bride’s siblings.

  1. Bororo, Adamawa State

The Bororos are well known for nomadic farming. They are located in Adamawa state, Northern Nigeria. The Bororos demands 10-50 live cows and other items before they give their girls out in marriage.

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Written by Ejemen Ogbebor


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