5 Retired Boxers Who Still Cannot Be Messed With Even At Old Age

Here’s a list of boxers who you would classify as world class and have retired, but if they were still boxing, they probably would still be top notch and sitting at the top in rankings. In no particular order, they are:

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr
Mayweather who is not just a popular boxer, but one of the richest sportsmen in the world. The American Boxer would have surely been top notch now if he were still boxing professionally. During his time, he had a clean record of 50- games unbeaten till he retired, indeed an amazing record.

2. Joe Calzaghe
The British Boxer is another exemplary boxer who had an amazing career with 46 fights and didn’t lose any. He surely would have been remarkable if he were boxing in this recent time. He was ranked the second greatest super-middleweight of all time.

3. Muhammad Ali
He was the people’s champion, he had the beautiful foot walk of a dancer and was packed with skills and power punches. You can hardly compare his boxing skills to anyone and was a delight to watch. Should he fight now, he’ll definitely still be at the very best as he was the greatest heavyweight that ever lived.

4. Sugar Ray Robinson
The greatest pound for pound fighter that ever graced the boxing ring. He had an amazing talent and his skill sets were definitely without limits. He is ranked the greatest fighter of all time and I can only imagine such a skill set in this present time, indeed he would still be top notch.

5. Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson is yet another boxer whose speed, power and agility is one to connote with. He is indeed an exemplary boxer who would still be at the very best, if he was still fighting. The interesting part is, he’s 53 and would make a comeback to the boxing ring later in the year. Tyson was and is still is one of the remarkable boxers we’ve seen on the Ring.

Written by Eze Goodluck


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