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5 Reasons Why We Think BB Naija Neo And Vee Will Last Forever

The Big Brother Naija season five ended over a month ago. We miss so many fascinating moments like the eviction nights, games, chats, diary sessions, jacuzzi nights and even the Saturday party night.

One of our favourite moments during the BBN lockdown edition show was relationships formed, though we would miss seeing our fav couples on tv, we, however, hope to still follow up on some via social media and in reality.

Though we hope the relationships formed in the house would remain. For Neo and Vee, we are quite confident that their relationship would stay strong against the narrative of previous love birds in BBN history, apart from the obvious. The likes of Bam Bam and Teddy A and also, Kafee and Gedoni which led to the alter.

Here are five reasons why we think Neo and Vee relationship would last against all odds.

1.Both Are Complete Opposite Of Each other

Neo and Vee are two opposite people. Like the law of magnetism says, ”like poles repel and unlike poles attract”.

Neo and Vee are good examples of that. Vee is a girl with the ‘British accent’ while Neo his a street guy.

They have different upbringing, which would always make the other feel fascinated about the other most of the time and make the relationship more fun and keep them on their toes to do better.

2. The Role Of Their Fans

Their relationship brought people to love them. In the house, they showed love each other, that they could not fight with each other for so long and made their fans to root for them more. So Neo and Vee might see reasons to continue their relationship regardless.

In another way, their relationship is not rooted for by many. It is not in the public eyes. So, when people do not poke nose much, they are likely to stay together.

3. Neo is her dream man

There is nothing like a woman meeting her dream man. To an extent, she would try to make things work out regardless of what happens.

Vee has stated that Neo is her dream man and that he looks like her actor crush.

4. They Both Love Each Other

Regardless of how we saw Vee has a bitter and blunt person in the house, we also could see she could stand by those she loves dearly. Vee loves Neo.

We could see regardless of their food fights and more, Vee would still fight for him, especially when they had to nominate for eviction.

During a diary session, vee stated she would not go for any man in the house asides Neo, adding that she would be freaking single. She said the same during her media round after the show.

While Neo stated during the show that he loves girls who were born and raised abroad. Neo said he loves girls with ”British accent”. Neo also loves the fierce type of lady.

Throughout his stay in the house, we could see he praised her and gave her nicknames based on the fact she has an accent.

5. Neo Is An Alpha Male

Although Neo is a street boy. Neo is an alpha male. He knows when to press harder, when to slow down and when to ignore. He can handle Vee’s craziness.

Written by Ejemen Ogbebor


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